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Who are we?

Polestar and Fabrik Communications are joining forces to become the number one provider of sustainable travel information solutions in the UK, with the creation of a new joint venture, TransportHub.

Both companies and their teams have supplied into the transport sector successfully for over a decade, providing communication solutions ranging from; bespoke software systems, timetable production, data quality tools, print and fulfilment, including all manner of marketing and passenger information collateral.

By joining forces to combine the acknowledged best software platform from Polestar with the leading creative skills and transport strategic thinking from Fabrik, TransportHub will consolidate their joint position by seeking to become the premium supplier of choice to this market.

TransportHub offers real and tangible benefits to the transport market.

The Hub Vision

"Through innovation, expertise and first class customer service, be the number one choice and provider of sustainable travel information solutions."

Whether you produce your passenger and employee information in-house or are looking for a full end-to-end service TransportHub truly offers savings, both in terms of time and cost...

TRANSPORT HUB Software Licenses

Web based, great value and efficient...arguably the ‘best in class’ solutions... easy to use, quick and intuitive, designed and created by industry experts.

Taking Network Rail CIF data on a daily basis you can edit and format from any location at the click of a button. Our unique page maker system then allows you to drop your data in to a print ready format to create the finished product. Couple this with the flexibility to add in covers, introductions, notes, maps and filler ads.

One user can now really do it all.

Network Rail CIF flexible everywhere

Available Modules

Long Term:
  • Timetables
  • A-Z's
  • LOR's
  • Station Simplifiers
Short Term:
  • Engineering Works
  • CPAN's
Bespoke Cross Check:
  • Double Check

End-to-End Full Production Service

We appreciate not everyone has the in-house resources to simply license and go and instead require a guaranteed, professional full production service.

Our team of inimitable rail experts has vast experience delivering all manner of passenger and employee timetable information. We will download, edit, liaise with train planning/marketing, proof, print and deliver.

Available Services

  • Full May and December timetable production
  • Blockade communications
  • Leaf fall/Christmas/Easter timetables
  • Ongoing engineering work
  • Employee information

Available Modules

Long term

Timetable books

You can create multiple template profiles to any size, e.g. DL, A5, A7, portrait or landscape, with variable number of columns per page, including fonts, sizes, styles, colours and spacing, then assign any of these profiles to any of your timetable products.


  • Create bespoke table headers and station banks
  • Set any combination of date extraction parameters
  • Extract tables as “Mondays to Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays” or as “Mondays to Saturdays, Sundays” including multiple date-sets where required
  • Extract direct and connecting trains using optional include/exclude extraction filters for train operator, routes, calling patterns, time sort etc
  • Display only the desired column headings/notes (optional)
  • Output train ID (optional)
  • Output 3-character CRS codes to denote origin and destination when not part of the station bank (optional)
  • Move post-midnight trains back to the end of the previous day (optional)
  • Identify overtaken trains and insert column breaks/arrows (optional)
  • Optimisation of columns to eliminate multiple identical services (due to consecutively dated train services for example)
  • ‘Standard hour’ pattern recognition (optional)
  • On-screen editor function using standard menu/options interface
  • Compilation function to add in covers, commercial pages, filler ads, maps etc
  • Output to bespoke, user-defined template in a print ready PDF format
  • Where appropriate, output to LOR poster template

Line of Route (LOR) timetable posters

You can create multiple template profiles including fonts, sizes, styles, colours and spacing, then assign any of these profiles to any of your LOR posters.

  • Copy a table already created within the main timetable book section then output to a DR template
  • If the above is not appropriate then simply create an additional table within the main timetable book section, customised for a LOR, then output to a DR template

A-Z and Metro Style A-Z timetable posters

You can create multiple template profiles including fonts, sizes, styles, colours and spacing, then assign any of these profiles to any of your A-Z posters.


  • ICP & NSE format A-Z posters, rendered to Microsoft Word format (compatible with Microsoft Office 2003 and above)
  • Create your own introduction box notes
  • Import your own advert graphics for display between destinations
  • Move post-midnight trains back to the end of the previous day (optional)
  • Exception codes displayed at end of each destination (optional)
  • Different destination separation rulers/spacing modes
  • Output posters as “Mondays to Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays” or as “Mondays to Saturdays and Sundays” (either whole poster or location specific)
  • 3-character CRS codes on origin and destination station names (for live train running services such as Traintracker or National Rail website)
  • TOC control. Standard TOC display, forced TOC display, compressed TOC display (compressed display may eliminate the TOC code row and generate a header on destinations with only one TOC shown)
  • Flexible destination symbol exclusion which allows certain symbols to be removed from final file extracts
  • Automatically split columns which are larger than the current column (optional)

Destination features:

  • Automatic detection of every direct service destination
  • System based destination headers (plusbus, travel card zones, transport interchanges - more can be requested and implemented with ease)
  • Customised destination headers and/or footers in Rich Text Format
  • Prioritised connections editor to define change-points (up to 2 connections per each connection entry)
  • Include/exclude overtaken trains
  • Include/exclude specific symbols (catering, reservations etc.)
  • Extract direct services on specific days only (optional)
  • Extract connecting services on specific days only (optional)
  • Display connection footnotes with lowercase lettering
  • Display dated footnotes with uppercase lettering
  • Simple and multiple date range footnotes handled with ease
  • Optimisation of destinations to eliminate multiple identical services (due to consecutively dated train services for example)
  • Connections between train and bus and vice versa recognised and clearly worded into connection footnotes
  • Automatic ‘Standard hour’ pattern recognition (optional)
  • Full data editor for tweaking destinations and generated footnotes
  • Ability to apply same editor actions across multiple destinations:
    • Connection change points
    • Custom headers/footers
    • Including/excluding specific symbols
    • Including/excluding slower trains
    • Extract direct services on specific days only (optional)
    • Extract connecting services on specific days only (optional)

Station Working Books (Simplifiers)

Show the movements of train services in and out of the station, whether it is a public service train or empty coaching stock train. The data is written to an A4-sized landscape document in excel format (compatible with Microsoft office 2003 and above).


  • Extract service with short-term overlay (for emergency or special event timetables) (optional)
  • Show origin station name and depart time
  • Show public arrival/depart columns
  • Show working time arrival/depart columns (optional)
  • Show platform number column (optional)
  • Show service features (first class, rail-bus, catering, reservations etc) columns (optional)
  • Show train destination/destinations column
  • Full text description of train calling pattern (including where train divides) and whether the station is request stop, set down/pick up passengers only
  • Show start date/end date of services (optional)
  • Highlight which trains stop for 60 seconds or less (optional)
  • Show TOC code column (optional)
  • Show train ID column
  • Show train UID/IUID columns (for service checking) (optional)
  • Separate data into specific direction pages (up/down) (optional)
  • Re-order the columns to user preferred order
  • Add/remove columns from final document

Short term

Engineering Works and Weekly Alteration Notices

Utilising the tables function you can create multiple template profiles to suit all manner of short term information, including engineering works and weekly alteration notices. The output can be tailored to suit bother internal and external audiences, with variable number of columns per page, including fonts, sizes, styles, colours and spacing.

There is the option to include as much or as little detailed information as required and this module is ideal for blockade, specific short term timetables and on going engineering work requirements.

Handling and Fulfilment

Polestar Applied Solutions delivers a complete handling and fulfilment service through our Leeds operation. We believe that quality solutions and services are tailored and built from a position of knowledge with insight fused from a blend of our strengths and our clients expectations. We take a consultative approach from the outset, engaging with your business’ strategic issues and challenges.

Our web based order Management tool HTTPrint delivers real time stock management, shopping cart environment and stock control.

Through our dedicated team we offer the complete range of kitting and collating throughout the communications process from print to DVD, event packs to store packs, data management & direct mail and order fulfilment. Current clients include Virgin, Crosscountry, Cosmos and Monarch within the travel sector. The largest user of this facility is the NHS with 2000 plus fulfilments per month.

Bespoke Cross Check

In response to industry requests we have developed a bespoke cross-checking system to ensure the quality of data, known as DDQ – Downstream Data Quality.

In essence the software can interrogate, then compare and contrast Network Rail Data with a TOC’s own data, highlighting any anomalies and eliminating any inaccuracies.

Schedule 4 Compensation

What is it?

S4CM is a software module that in simple terms can cross check the payments under Schedule 4 between a Train Operating Company and Network Rail.

The benefits:

  • Ensures an individual TOC receives accurate payments from Network Rail as per the Schedule 4 agreement
  • Eliminates the need for a lot of manual data checking
  • Simple ‘at-a-glance’ reports
  • Effective cross check

What TOC’s have to say about it…

"S4CM has been designed to robustly support Train Operators in their Schedule 4 contractual negotiations with Network Rail; the investment made in the system, providing a ‘tried & tested’ basis to budgeting and validation of compensation payments made by Network Rail. We have seen a marked improvement in the totality of legitimate compensation recovered from Network Rail, and the quality of data supporting such negotiations...."

The Team

  • Ian Allan

    Ian Allan

    Commercial Director

    Ian heads up the TranpsortHub team and is renowned for his innovative and visionary approach. Ian has over 15 years experience in offering creative solutions to a number of markets, and his flexible and bespoke approach to each client account has led to delivering a number of key innovations within various industries, including travel and publishing. He has a passion for ensuring excellent customer satisfaction, coupled with an emphatic approach to provide value for money for his clients.

    Email Ian

  • David Wilkinson

    David Wilkinson

    Operations Director

    David possesses 25 years of reprographics and pre press experience within the print industry. During the past 10 years David has gained technology management experience within the print industry. This experience spans automated publishing systems, pre press workflow platforms, e-procurement and pre press services. David was key to the inception of the original Polestar Train Timetable system - now TransportHub - and has delivered LTP and STP solutions for Arriva Trains Wales, CrossCountry Trains and Virgin Trains - arguably the most efficient timetable production system there is on the market.

    Email David

  • Rachael Woods

    Rachael Woods

    Communications Director

    Rachael is a proven communicator to both internal and external audiences. Specialising in the transport and local authority domain Rachael is responsible for ensuring the highest levels of customer service. With over 20 years in this market, Rachael feels passionately about public transport and has worked with numerous clients on various marketing communications initiatives including; ATOC, c2c, First Capital Connect, National Rail Enquiries, Northern Rail, PlusBus and Southern Railway. Always delivering high quality at cost effective prices.

    Email Rachael

  • Patrick Morales-Lee

    Patrick Morales-Lee

    Creative Director

    Patrick has over 10 years experience working in the transport industry and has managed accounts for various rail franchises, local councils and leisure industry partners. Patrick is a creative talent with in-depth knowledge and understanding of working with clients' brand guidelines to deliver all manner of marketing and passenger information collateral.

  • Rohith Kiran

    Rohith Kiran

    Lead Developer/ System Architect

    Rohith is a talented and cutting edge developer who possesses 15 years of development skills working on many projects for various clients. During the past 10 years Rohith has been our Systems Architect working closely with our clients to ensure all development requirements are met and exceeded. Rohith believes that communication is key to our success to date and by liaising closely with our clients can ensure our development team continually deliver to the highest standards on time.

  • Graham Barlow

    Graham Barlow

    Lead Developer

    Graham possesses 17 years of development skills and has worked on many projects for various clients. During the past 10 years Graham has been involved on and off with the Polestar Train Timetable system - now TransportHub.

  • Sean Connolly

    Sean Connolly

    Senior Timetable Producer/Developer

    Sean has over 14 years experience working in the transportation industry. He is an IT software expert with 25 years programming experience and has developed bespoke software for interrogation of rail data from CIF files, delivering a number of solutions to various TOC's.

  • Brian Burkinshaw

    Brian Burkinshaw

    Production Manager

    Brian has 39 years in the rail and bus industry with an in depth knowledge of UK transport policy and operations. A timetable data specialist, he has a natural commercial awareness, and has account managed many timetable productions over the past 10 years, most recently for First Capital Connect and Southeastern, coupled with a working involvement with Chiltern, First Great Western, Greater Anglia, London Midland, London Overground, Network Rail, Scotrail and Southern.

  • Andrew Brock

    Andrew Brock

    Head of Data and Integration

    Andrew has over 15 years experience in the rail and bus industry, both in fares / retail and timetable planning. He combines multiple roles including client liaison, transport planning and data manipulation. Andrew has travelled widely across the UK and therefore has an in-depth knowledge of the UK rail network and onward travel links. Working accurately and efficiently, Andrew also possesses excellent organisational and interpersonal skills.

  • Mark Concannon

    Mark Concannon

    Rail/Bus Data Expert

    Mark has over 16 years of experience in the rail and bus sector. He is an impassioned advocate for public transport. As a data analyst Mark has been instrumental in many of the Train Operating Companies (such as C2C, Greater Anglia, Southern) timetable production for over a decade and a half. He is a Print and Dispatch specialist, having managed numerous engineering and other projects to a variety of TOC's, including First Capital Connect, Southern and Southeastern. He has a wealth of knowledge of all aspects of plotting and print-finishing processes. Recently Mark has been the Over seer - as third party liaison manager - of the Onward Travel initiatives for the UK.


  • "Their expertise has delivered a system that is the most cost effective ever" Ian Kempson, Virgin Trains
  • "The quality of their work is first class and they are an absolute pleasure to work with" Jason Durk, National Rail Enquiries
  • "The system is by far the most efficient timetable production system there is" Rakesh Bansal, CrossCountry
  • "Customising the software to our individual needs has been exceptional" Sandra Vaughan, Arriva Trains Wales
  • "They turn requests round quickly and have impressed with their creativity and professionalism" Jo Loerns, Southern Railway
  • "The team has developed the system to meet any new requirements we have had…this includes a completely new layout…the staff are most helpful and knowledgeable about their products" Janice Jeffries, Northern Rail
  • "I have worked with Fabrik on a number of high profile projects. They have many key strengths, but the one that immediately and consistently stands out is the quality and experience of their people. I have firsthand experience of their creative team who always interpret requirements well and take on every challenge I throw at them and provide realistic cost effective solutions." Cath Lyver, ATOC
  • "Thanks to their innovative creative ideas and design skills, we have been able to produce a range of coordinated, user friendly and popular publications that have transformed the way we provide our public transport information to the public" Jonathan Farr, Bedford Borough Council
  • "Fabrik have the expertise in the public transport field, which is invaluable in the compilation, design and publication of information. Their editorial and data staff has a significant level of knowledge of the rail and bus industry and the geography of the operation. The design team, shows an understanding of the requirements, and translates these into a product, ideal for the target market" Paul Dodge, Central Bedfordshire Council
  • "We have found their designs original and creative. We can commend their professionalism and commitment to providing the customer with a high quality product, also delivered to schedule." David Shelley, Centrebus


  • King's Lynn Station Onward Travel Information - black and white
    King's Lynn Station Onward Travel Information - colour
  • Special Bus Service - black and white
    Special Bus Service - colour
  • Train Times - black and white
    Train Times - colour
  • Train Times - black and white
    Train Times - colour
  • Drayton Park Station - Zone 2 Onward Travel Information - black and white
    Drayton Park Station - Zone 2 Onward Travel Information - colour
  • Service Times - black and white
    Service Times - colour
  • Cross Country advertisment - black and white
    Cross Country advertisment - colour
  • Virgin Trains Train Times - black and white
    Virgin Trains Train Times - colour
  • Arriva Train Times - black and white
    Arriva Train Times - colour

Contact us

For general enquiries or further information about TransportHUB, please use email.

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